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Sunday, December 30

Golden Sea NYL4

Golden Sea

Hello World! Hope everybody is staying warm on this winter night!
I just want to say Sorry about Yesterday It was pretty Hard for me to do another tutorial because My Camera Seem to not want to work for me! 

I was so scared that it was BROKEN but, 
Thankfully it turned on this morning....

Any who, Lets just begin! This is another New Years Look Number 4 Yes, 
Its called Golden Sea and, Again I just choose Names that I think Matches? lol

I hope You like it, Its a little bit different from the others.. different variety of colors :)

Now Come On! GET THE LOOK!

Golden Sea
Difficulties - EASY BABY!
Time length- A good 10 Mins or Less 

Eye Shadows:

Bh Cosmectics 

Got everything ready?
Lets Begin!

1. First Always Prime and Dine your eyes Ladies, You don't want any Creasing right?

2. Now take a nice Brown Matte color and put it on your crease only focus more of the color in you outter-v, Don't Blend it just about yet just Sweep it through

3.Take a shader Brush and, Pat down a shimmery turquoise blue about 2/3 of your lid

4. This is where the fun Begins! Take a Shimmery gold-ish color and, put it in the remaining part of you lid, after that blend it into your crease, Blend all the colors together to make it flawless. It should look something like the image below

5. Liquid line your eyes! My favorite liner of course is the NYX liquid Black Liner

6. Add some lashes Ladies which is always optional! If you got Beautiful lashes, then skip this step you don't need it! Unlike Me who was born with, Little sucky lashes.. & Ta-Dah Your Done Glamorous!

Enjoy Your Sunday :) Have a Good Night and, remember if you try the look PLEASE send me a picture of it, I would love to put it on my page with a Direct Link to your Blog :) 
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Lucia♥ said...

Hey, i like your blog and love your pictures :)
you like to follow each other via gfc (and maybe bloglovin) ?
i would be happy :)

lovely greetings, lucia


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