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Monday, October 29

Diamond Blue Eyes

Diamond Blue

Definitely an Eye Opener

 Party Time? Night Life?
Show off your eyes.. Attractive and, Fun

Arabic Inspired Eyes...
Don't be Scared of Color! Rock It!

These Colors are Beautifully Blue
Can Definitely Spark up somebody life!

It Has just the right amount of color and spark, Yes EXTREMELY Dramatic but, whats the point of wearing blue if your not going to make it show! Smokey Effect , The face plan and simple, a little highlight here contour there  but, eyes POP!
If you Like it and, are not afraid to go BOLD try it out!

You'll Be Surprise how easy it is!
Dramatic eyes, Simple Steps 


Products USED!

NYX- Jumbo Pencil in "MILK"
NYX- Liquid Liner in "BLACK"
NAKED 2- color "Verve" "Blackout"
BH Cosmetic- Eye Shadow
Turquoise Blue

Remember You Do Not Need to Use the Same Name Brand! Use what you have all you need is a Shimmer Sliver Shadow
A Turquoise blue shadow and, Black Shadow

Follow My Steps...

Always Prime And, Dine Your Eyes!
1.  NYX- "Milk" Put it all over your lid! Don't Be Scared Ladies!

2. Use the turquoise eye Shadow and put it on your outta V!

3. Take the Shadow "Verve" and, pat it onto your inner eyes towards the turquoise color.

4. "Verve" Again Highlight your brow Bone!

5. Blending Brush and, Blend into your crease like a windshield motion baby!  

6. "Blackout" Line your eyes, Cat eyes look! Wing it!

7. Dramatic effect, Bold your line even more with the liquid liner!  

8. Taa-Daahhh Eyes are done! 
Now Contour that cheek baby! add some nude gloss or lipstick and, PARTYYYYY!!!!  




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Thursday, October 25

Purple Ice! Make it Pop!


Want to try something different? Other then the normal Smokey Eyes.. 

Well Hey Lets make it Pop! Add a little Bold Adventure on your eyes 

 I came up with this Design and, I love it! 

Not Just because Purple is my Favorite color but, Because I felt so Alive!
And, You know anything that can make you feel Happy is definitely a positive sign!

I used a couple of different name brands for this look
Here are the things I used below but, You Can Always Use anything else
that you like or have similar to the same color..

NYX - Jumbo Eye Pencil  in MILK
Naked 2- The Color VERVE and, BLACKOUT
Naked- The Color SIN
Eye Shadows from the Bh Cosmetics 120 Palette
Dark Purple, Shimmer Purple and, Brown

Get the Look!

Prime and Dine your eyes like always!

1. Apply NYX -Milk all over your eyelid! We are trying to make the colors POP!

2. Use the color "Blackout", we are going to carefully outline the eye into the crease..

3. Now Using a Brown Color outline the line that you just made! These line will be our guideline.

4. Take A Dark Purple and fill in the outer half of you eyelid ONLY, NOT extending out of the line that you made!

5. Take the color "Verve" and, fill in the other half of your inner eyes.

6. Using the shimmer purple we are now going to try to blend both colors together, Pat it directly onto the middle of your eyelid, shading it towards the outter part of your eyes!

7.Finally Take the Brown again and, Using a Blending Brush, Start blending the Crease like a windshield motion this will, give your eyes a smokey effect.

8. Tah-Daaa  POP!

I know its a little complicated, Or you might be confused.. so I TRIED to show it in the picture below...

 If you need any Questions of Help Just Comment Below!

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Monday, October 22

Lets Get Naked!


So I Randomly Woke up and, Decided to do another one of my make up looks but, this time using the Naked Palette! 

Its Fall now and, That Doesn't mean you can't Glow!
In Fact I would Say Fall its such a Beautiful Season
Your makeup Should Be Beautiful Too
Bronze and, Natural!

I Came up with a look wearable even on an Every Day Basis You Just Can't go Wrong
Check it out and, IF you Like it.


Using the NAKED Palette
Colors: Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Sin, and of course NAKED!


1. Using a Blending brush use the color "Buck" right up in the crease! Windshield Motion!

2. Use the color "Smog" and, Put it only in the Outter V! 

3. Take the beautiful  golden color "Half Baked" and, Put it right in the 
 middle of you lid, Blending it towards the color "smog"

4. "Sin" Place it in you inner corner of your eye and blend it towards the color "Half Baked"

5." Sin"  You Just can't go wrong with "Sin" its such a beautiful highlight! Go Highlight that brow bone! Make it Shine :)

6. Now You Combine all the colors together No streaks! "NAKED" Baby Blend the colors all together right up in the crease Windshield Motion! 

7. Taaa Dahh! Beautiful and, Easy Simple Steps 

Life is Full of Beautiful and, Wonderful Creations
Sometimes you just need to Open your eyes!

Need Help? Got Questions? Comment Down Below  

Don't Have the Naked Palette?
You Can Get it for  $50.00 
 Click Below
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Monday, October 15

Smokey Eye Effect Tutorial

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette!

Look at my smokey eye effect!

Try it out with the naked 2 palette
I used Busted, Blackout, Pistol, Verve & BootyCall!

How to get the look:

1.Prime you eyes!

2.Using a blending brush, put the color "Busted" in your crease. In a motion like a windshield.

3.Now take "Blackout" and, put it only in the outer crease making a v-shape!

4. "Pistol" Pat it gently in the middle of you eye lid blending it towards the color "Blackout" making a gradient effect no harsh lines.

5. Take the color "Verve" and, pat it in the inner corner of you eyes blending it slightly towards the color "Pistol".

6. Now using the color "Blackout" Make it more dramatic and, darken it! Whatever you have left just do a nice windshield motion like "Busted".

7. Using the color "Bootycall" put it as a highlight under your eyebrows! and, Ta Dah! 

8.Eyeliner, Mascara , if you wanted Eyelashes and, Now you ready For a Night out! :)

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