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About Me

Hello Everybody thank you for visiting my Blog, I am Currently a New Blogger and, Still needs to get used this website, if you by any chance have any hints or tips please feel free to let me know, I will be so delighted to fix and, improve on my Blog.

About Me
Name: Bunny- (Yes that's My Real Name)
Engaged to a wonderful Fiance 7 years together so far!
Blessed with a Baby Boy name Justin  
Nationality: Cambodian
Location: New York

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Who is BeautyFlyStar?

Personal Intro
Since I was Little I fell in love with the fashion and, beauty world. But, living on a budget and, trying to stay away from materialist nonsense was pretty hard. Hey I was a Teenager, At That time and Stage, I always wanted the latest trends and, hottest style but, I also Had insecurities, I felt like I was too ugly to succeed, I felt ashamed of myself. I stay seeing girls that was so beautiful more beautiful then I would ever be, and, so I felt Depressed, Sad and,  Miserable. I struggle with my weight all the time, I would lose so much weight but, then gain it back, Every time something goes wrong I would eat or, starve myself, whatever I felt doing at the moment. But enough is enough, I come to realize that nobody will ever be perfect, everybody has there flaws and, things they dislike about themselves. I will succeed at what I want, everybody is beautiful, Big or Skinny, Tall or short, nothing matters as long as you believe and, you know who you are and, what your capable of! I will reach for my goal, continue to fight with my weight and, succeed in the beauty industry, it may take some time but, I won't give up! Thankfully Now I can express my feelings with all of you who can relate to me come follow me.. Continuing my journey in love with beauty... BeautyFlyStar

What does BeautyFlyStar Mean?
I came up with this unique name for me by combining Beautiful, Butterfly and, Star, Here are my reasons... I'm Finding who I really am, I Feel like I am a Beautiful, unique Butterfly just trying to avoid obstacles and, find my way up to the stars and, shine, Show the world who I am.
 Story Line
I always felt like I was stuck in a cocoon, I just could not escape or find my way out, Years go by and, I slowly started breaking away,  I finally realize that I am Beautiful in my unique way and, so I broke away  and, left all my feelings in that dark cocoon, Now I am on my journey to the stars, I could see it but, can't touch it yet, There is just so many obstacles out there but, I will Achieved my goal.. I will Shine and, become who I really am!


Natalie said...

Your blog is awesome! I love the musical touch!! :) Welcome to the blogging world! x

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