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Wednesday, November 28

Walmart and Ulta Haul

Brands: Maybelline, Hard Candy, Physician Formula and NYX

Hello World! This will be my first Haul Blog :) Pretty Excited its just a mini one though
I bought a couple of Amazing stuff from Walmart and, Ulta.. Some items new to me and, others a repurchase, I just cant live without them. I am also doing a little review here and there swatches too! Some items are not yet fully review still giving it a couple of more days so please feel free to come back for updates on certain items, I tired making it easy for you guys by creating clickable links to certain items to save you from the hassle of going all the way down! If you want me to review any items or any recommendation Just leave me a Comment Down below or, Email me at

BabyLips Lip-Balm

Hard Candy-Visibly Wet

Hard Candy-Megawatt Smile

NYX-Liquid Black Liner

NYX-Za Za Zu Mascara (coming soon)

Physician Formula-Happy Booster (coming soon)

Physician Formula-Brow Definer(coming soon)

BabyLips Lip-Balm

I have Been Wanting to Purchase this item for a long time now. I just haven't gotten a hold on it but, Finally I found it at Walmart! What Amazes me the most is that I wasn't even looking for it and, Taa- Dahh It just popped up out from nowhere!

Brand: Maybelline
Price Range:$2.84 - $4.19
Color: 15-Cherry Me & 05-Quenched
Smells: Amazing

What I like about it:
Both Smells Amazing! I am currently in love with this product and, I am going to get the rest of the color as well. Very Moisturizing, not sticky at all.I Love the tinted one gives just the right amount of color. Texture is nice and smooth feels like its melting on your lips. Makes you feel Beautiful and, Fresh!
What I don't like about it:
They were pretty hard to find at stores, Should Have a more variety of color and, More tinted ones, It does moisturize your lips pretty well but, deosn't last that long, Have to reapply a couple of times through out the day.

Purchase it:

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Hard Candy -"Visibly Wet"

I have never ever purchased a product from the brand "Hard Candy" Before this was my first time ever, I seen it in Walmart and, I said Hey what the heck.. Try something New/Different..

Brand: Hard Candy
Price Range:$6.00-$8.00
Color: 246 Glamazon & 343 Candy Apple
Smells: Not so Good Like a clay-esh smell, its not overwhelming though

What I like about it:
They Do not Test their products on Animals, Has a Variety of colors available, to choose from,its very glossy, shines your lips nicely. "246 Glamazon"- Love the way it felt on my lips not sticky, lovely nude color for an everyday look. Looking forward to trying out more products from this name brand.

What I don't like about it:
It looks like I bought the same line from the visibly wet collection but for some reason the color "343" Candy Apple does not feel the same at all on my lips its actually over drys them and, feels a little sticky. I don't know why but for some reason it kind of burns my lips? I don't think its a lip plumper, I find it to be a little confusing because the other color was much more decent. They only sell it in certain stores, A little over price for this drugstore name brand.

Purchase it:

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Hard Candy-Megawatt Smile

This is also a new item I have never tired, its from the Hard Candy Collection as well, Called "MegaWatt Smile". It caught my attention right off guard! This item is definitely not your average LIPSTICK, It has a Tooth Whitener?.. I love to try new and weird things so hey I just gave it a Go..

Brand: Hard Candy
Price Range:$6.00-$8.00
Color:Stay Bright
Smells: Light/Normal Lipstick smell

What I like about it:
It feels wonderful on your lips, Goes on easy very smooth then, settles onto your lips perfectly. I love the tingly and, cool feeling that it has when you put it on. Has a lot of color variety available. Not your average Lipstick more like a lip balm.

What I don't Like about it:
Its just too big, I know that they wanted to tried something new with the tooth whitener but, I have not gotten to that and, I don't think I would want to try it, My teeth are very sensitive, If it came without the tooth whitener it would be better. Color does not last long at all you need to always reapply!

Purchase it:

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NYX-Liquid Black Liner

This is actually a repurchase! My 5th one I think :) I have been in love with this Liquid liner since I first used it! Its amazing to me! I just can't try any other product. My mom first gave me this eyeliner way back and, I never stop using it!

Brand: NYX
Price Range:$6.00-$9.00
Smells:Light/Normal Can't Explain

What I like about it:
I don't like this product I love it! I have been using this for as long as I remember and, I must say I can't love any other product as much as this one. My go to, Must have liner.. Creates a nice and, intense eyeline color, Easy to use and,control.

What I don't Like about it:
Its not waterproof and, takes a little long to dry...

Purchase it:

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Friday, November 16

Pink, Purple, Blue Hue

Color Hue!

Lets Show Everybody What you Can do!
Pink, Purple, Blue ?
Beautiful colors, But, Seeing them all together is truly Amazing!
 Look Below!

These Colors together is surely to make a beauty Statement, Fun and, hands down Beautiful!
If your not scared to flaunt your eyes.. Get the Look! Send me your Link and Picture, Ill put it on my webpage :)

Difficulties- Easy
Time Length- 10 minutes or less

Ready Ladies!
Here's What you Need
Bright Pink, Standard Purple, Dark Blue
 Shimmer Champagne color! 
Tools& Products
Blending Brush, Pencil Brush, Liquid Liner, Mascara, Primer, Eye Lashes (optional)
Products that I used
Sigma Brushes-Blending,Pencil Brush
NYX- Liquid Liner
Primer- I actually used NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil as a primer

1.First always Prime and Dine your Eyes
I used NYX-Milk

2. Take a Pink Eye Shadow and put it in your outer-V and Crease

3. Take a Purple Eye Shadow and put it just below the Pink Eye Shadow same shape!

4. Now put the blue Eye Shadow Just below the Purple  and on the lid, avoid the inner corner of your eyes. This should make it look like a color Hue

5. Darken the Pruple and Blue for a Dramatic effect, Add the Shimmer Champagne onto your inner eyes and using a liquid liner, Outline your eyes Darlings..



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Tuesday, November 13

Sexy & Sophisticated

In a Rush? No time for Makeup? Are you sure? 
Try these Steps to getting a Wearable, Sexy, Sophisticated Look! 

 Do you like it?
If you do its so simple! Try it out and you'll be surprise Darlings!

This is What you need..
Nyx- Milk

Eye Shadow colors that you need is
Brown and, White

Red lipstick


Get the look!

1.Prime and Dine your eyes!
NYX- Milk All over the lid! I know I know it looks crazy! But, Blend it out Ladies!

2.Using a Blending Brush
Take a Brown Color Shadow and, put it only in you crease and otter-V!

3. Using the same blending Brush
Take a white color and sweep it across you lid

4.Using a Liquid Liner! Outline you eyes..

5. Add Lashes (optional)

6. This is the Main Event the Eye Opener, Pop on those Red Lips!

Tahh Dahh! Your Done!

Quick And Easy

 Leave a Comment! Try it out and, If you Do Let me see how it turn out! Leave your Link!
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Tuesday, November 6

Autumn Plum Fall Look

Autumn Plum Fall Look
Hey everybody I did this amazing look for fall. I hope you like it!
A little Brown, Plum and, champagne shimmer!
 Remember You don't need the Same product that I have You can GET THE LOOK with similar colors that you have available.
By the way, I'm trying my best to get more pictures up and, detailed step by step tutorials, Thank you everybody who has been helping me out and, letting me know what I need to improve on my blog! I really appreciate it.. Definitely a working progress..

Need a Palette but don't want to waste a lot of money I would Definitely recommend the
 Bh Cosmetic  Palette good for anybody Beginner or Professional! Its very Pigmented and,
has so many different color available!


1.  Using the NYX Jumbo Color Pencil in "Milk"
Put it all over your lid

2. Take a Blending brush and using a Brown color  put it in your crease and outer-V

3. Take a Pencil brush and, Using a plum Color shade in the outer part of your eye 
in a rhombus shape.

4. Take a Shimmer Champagne color and put it in your inner eyes, blending it towards
the plum color.

5. Outline your eye with a liquid liner, I used NYX liquid Liner

6. Add some Eyelash if you want and, Taa-Dahh Your Done!

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